Welcome to the Bounty Board!

Well ’gents, as we all seem to have far too much chaos surrounding our schedules lately, I felt we needed a slightly new “campaign” format. The concept is that of a mercenary guild, one in which we all take turns as our individual time allows in running short term adventures – primarily “one offs”.

The idea is that we will use the forum section to post nights that we will be offering a mission for the guild. The posting player should post all relevant details as to date, time, location of session. If we all agree to a starting level and any house rules we would like involved then perhaps each session could stay at the same level as the last and have accumulating XP so as to be a sort of revolving GM campaign. Every person involved should make a character and each session should have as many RSVP’s as possible in order to give the host as much notice as possible of party configuration and number of players. The one-off format should be fun and low maintenance for everyone.

Some advantages are if you don’t like your character, no problem just make an appropriately leveled character for the next game. Want to try a new character concept? Go for it. The idea is that we’re all just answering bounties anyway so there’s very little commitment and maximum room for fun.

Bounty Board

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